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Aguasoft Consulting
Sharepoint and Web Development Specialists

Our mission is to give our customers the competitive edge, making technology a medium not a obstacle to their business objectives.

We are a Technology Analysts Company located in the Yakima, Washington.

We specialize in Sharepoint, Microsoft Technologies, web development, and internet connected design.

We offer the following services

* Custom Web Development
* Hosted or in house Sharepoint install services.
* One on one Sharepoint Consulting.
* Complete setup of Sharepoint environment.
* Custom Sharepoint programming.
* LOTUS Notes migration to Sharepoint or Other Platform.
* Sharepoint branding.
* Sharepoint offsite backup, DR strategy.
* Office 365 consulting.

Quality Value

We offer our customer the confidence of many years experience working with computers. We can resolve most Sharepoint issues within a few hours.

If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in your project, feel free to contact us.
Aguasoft Consulting
Yakima, Washington